Junction Zero Revisited

April 18.-21. 2024, Sandnes Norway

A Nordic larp for 45 players, set in the Firefly universe.


Junction Zero Revisited is a light-hearted Firefly themed larp set late in 2518.

Even the core planets have some wilderness. Deep in one of the larger forests, near the coast of an inland sea on Sihnon, one of the important core planets, a small train junction is located. It’s not officially listed anywhere, and its only function is to access the track that runs almost to a little-known hospital. Lately, traffic along that side track has increased.

Travelers have gained access here in the past weeks and days by various ways and for various reasons. The one thing they have in common is that they want something. Badly.

Junction Zero is a plot-heavy larp, set in the Firefly universe, also known as the ‘Verse. To be precise, it is set in a secret, but low-security research hospital deep in the woods on Sihnon. The facility is most likely run, or at least financed, by Blue Sun – which in our time would be the equivalent to Meta, Tesla, Pfizer Inc, Amazon, Alibaba, Alphabet, Saudi Aramco, Apple, Monsanto and so on… Combined! As one giga company.

The plot is not primarily there to be won or solved, but as background to create play for yourself and others.

Junction Zero was previously run on the outskirts of Bergen in 2019, but has since been reworked and improved.


The old Dale hospital, Sandnes Norway. You can get here by car, bus, train or plane. The closest airport is Stavanger airport Sola.


We will have three price points for the larp.

  • 2200 NOK for regular tickets.
  • 2518 NOK for sponsor tickets
  • 1500 NOK for subsidized tickets (availability depending)

Play style

The focus on this larp is plots, relations, and entanglements. The style is light-hearted, like in the original series. Junction Zero Revisited is a plot heavy larp, not there to be won or solved, but to create play for yourself and others.


All the organizers are involved in the day to day running of Rekkevidde, a larp studio and event organizing business. Through this company they have been vital parts in the production, organizing and practical running of custom large scale youth larps and adventure larp campaigns for youths with up to 400 participants.

Aleksander A. Gjøen

Aleksander is the original creator and organizer of the first Junction Zero larp. He has organized larps for the last two decades, including one other Firefly larp. He is a Firefly fan, a larper and loves building and repairing stuff. He has no issues getting his hands dirty and he does his own stunts.


Annmereth Nicklasson

Annmereth is fairly new to the international larp scene, but she is a well known face in the larping community of southern Norway. She has organized a few Norwegian larps in the past and is eager to do more. With a knack for logistics and problem solving, she’s eager to make your experience at Junction Zero Revisited a great one!

Geir Harald Helgeid

Geir Harald has produced and organized larps since the last millennia. He has a lot of experience from organizing different types of events, and is a stickler for practical organization and problem solving.

Contact us on jz(at)rekkevidde.no | Produced by Rekkevidde AS | Original larp design by Aleksander A. Gjøen and Thomas M. Hagen