“It’s been three years since the first reported deaths from the Mold. Then, shortly after that, the systemic collapse of everything. I don’t think anyone really knows how many people died.

There is no law. We stay away from the cities. It’s safer in the outskirts and abandoned places. Not because of the Mold, but because of gangs. We used to be a people who followed rules but the structure of our Motherland is gone, and disorder rules now.

Who knows how the rest of the world has turned out. The outside is unfamiliar to us. What we do know is that no one is unmarked by what happened. All this suffering is etched in us and has made us different. Who have we become? Where are we heading? How long can we keep going like this? “
a survivor


The general stuff

Re:Boot is a post-collapse larp set in modern day and relative realism, in the remains of a totalitarian dictatorship. Society has collapsed following a global, deadly infection.

Participants play characters who by coincidence travel together, searching for resources, a place to rest and maybe rebuild some measure of stability.

The larp is about survival, suffering, cooperation and conflict between people who want the same thing but are very different. There will be scarcity of food and resources. The larp implements certain elements from computer games.


The breakdown

The old psychiatric hospital grounds at Dale, 20 km outside Stavanger, Norway

Thursday Nov. 3rd – Saturday Nov. 5th, 2022

50 players. Re:Boot will be played in English

2000 NOK/200 EUR

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