Dear international player

We know that covid-19 makes planning for international larps and travel difficult, even impossible for some. After all, no one knows what the situation will be in November and what travel restrictions will be in effect. It could be all nice and dandy when you sign up, but come November there might be a mandatory quarantine for entering Norway from your country, or travelers from your country might be denied access at the border.

We know we want you to join us, and we know it’s difficult to plan. There’s a lot of money involved with international larping, and participants outside of Norway run a higher risk and often also a higher expense. We’ve thought long and hard about this, and know that we want to facilitate and help international players as much as we can. Although we can’t control neither virus nor government restrictions, we have come up with the following. If the travel restrictions change shortly before the larp and quarantine becomes mandatory or your access to Norway is restricted, international participants will get a full refund. It means a slight economic risk for us, but we really want to do whatever we can to help our international players in what is, at best, an uncertain situation.

If you get a spot at Re:Boot, you will still have to pay for your ticket before the due date, but if it turns out you’re not allowed into the country in November, we will give you your money back. Please note that this particular refund service is only valid if entry regulations makes it impossible for you to attend the larp, and not for other reasons for cancellation.

Oh and… we’ll even offer a bonus option; if you arrive in Norway the day before the larp, you may stay at the location for free if you want (yes, in a bed!) It’s not as comfy as a hotel, and there’s no breakfast service or hot shower available, but it’ll be free.