Getting to location

Getting to location

The ticket includes transport on a participant bus that we will organize. It will leave from Stavanger and from Sandnes city centers and return with passengers on Saturday, after the larp is over. There is also public transport to and from the site. Here are some details that will help you figure out your travel plans. You are asked to be on location at 15:00 on Thursday October 28th at the latest, but as mentioned in a previous update, you may arrive as early as you want, even the day before and spend the night for free.

The participant bus

We have booked a taxi bus that will transport participants to Dale, where Re:boot will be played. The cost of this bus is included in your ticket. The bus will leave Stavanger city center (the bus terminal) at 14:00 on Thursday. From there, it will drive to Sandnes city center (the central bus station) and after a brief stop, it will leave for Dale around 14:40. We expect the bus to be at Dale at 15:00.

From the airport to the cities

The bus will not stop by the airport. It adds too much time to the schedule and will only fit a handful of travelers. There are, however, very good airport express options to Stavanger, as well as a frequent regular bus route to Sandnes. The airport is quite central, placed in the middle between the two cities. Both travel options will take you to the place you’ll need to be for the participant bus, and waiting in a city is far better than waiting in an airport.

To Stavanger: The express leaves the airport every 15 minutes. You can find schedules here. We recommend you buy tickets online to save some money.
To Sandnes: Bus route #42 leaves the airport about every 15 minutes. You can see the time table here.

By train

The train stations in both Sandnes and Stavanger are adjacent to the bus terminal.

By car

If you want to travel by car you’re welcome to. You must be at Dale at 15:00 on Thursday. The address is Daleveien 584, 4329 Sandnes. Once you are there, you can park behind “our” building, but be advised there is no charging stations for electric cars there.

Return bus

The larp ends sometime on early Saturday evening. The participant bus will leave Dale around 22.00 and drive to Sandnes central bus station and then Stavanger central bus station. It will not drive to the airport. Those who want to remain behind for an onsite afterparty may do so.

The next day

The day after, on Sunday, we will pack up and leave Dale. Those who have stayed for the after party will have to manage transportation to Sandnes/Stavanger themselves. The good news is that there are departures to Sandnes by bus. It’s a 13 minute trip. You can find the schedule for the bus here. Maybe you can hitch a ride with another participant in a car, but you will have to talk to each other and organize this yourselves.