What to bring (and not)

What to bring (and not)

The countdown to the larp is moving along, and we know that many people are keen on planning gear and costume. We recently posted an update about our guidelines for the visual aesthetic, and in this post we’ll talk a little about what you must, should, can and can’t bring with you to Re:Boot. There are a couple of ground rules;

First, the group was recently raided, and almost everything of value was taken from them. The little they have was either snatched up in the rush to get away or they’ve made things or found pieces of something while they’ve been on the road. Keep this in mind, always. Less is more.

Second, for the game design to work as intended, you and your characters cannot be loaded with tools, weapons and food. We will provide these things to the group. It’s important for the larp and the atmosphere that there is a dire sense of lack of resources. It’s also important that the things you bring look the part. Worn, mended and dirty.

Third, remember that you must be able to carry everything you bring yourself. Although the list mentions equipment to cart things around with, we don’t know if these can be used at the start of the game, so you have to plan for carrying it on your back.

Must have
  • Sleeping bag / duvet / something to wrap yourself in when you sleep and keep you warm
  • Sleeping mat / air mattress (that doesn’t need power/electricity) / mattress you can roll up and carry on your back
  • Wool long underwear. It will be cold, and wool is king
  • Several pairs of wool socks. See above point
  • Your costume, which we recommend includes
    • Warm jacket
    • Warm boots
    • Warm beanie/cap/hat/headscarf
    • Warm gloves
  • Toiletries, including personal hygiene products
  • Medicines, if necessary
  • Something to eat ON (plate, bowl, plank etc)
  • Something to eat WITH (spoon, fork, awl, chopsticks etc)
  • Something to drink FROM (cup, bottle, small bowl etc)
  • Backpack or bag – something to carry your character’s belongings in (plus your offgame toiletries/medicines etc)
  • Ear plugs – because you want whatever sleep you get to not be disturbed by snoring co-players
  • Tarp(s)
  • Small bottle of personal disinfectant gel
Can bring
  • Small tent for 1 person, the kind that flips open and does not need to be pegged down
  • Shopping cart, trolley, child’s pram/stroller etc. If you bring something like this, you have to make sure it fits the bill and looks suitably beaten up and dirty
  • Tape. PVC, masking, gaffer, electrical tape. Your choice
  • Lighter or matches
  • Small pocket knife, lockback knife or bushcraft knife. Please, no bowieknives or machetes
  • Small, weak flashlight. No strong LEDs, Maglites or 1000-yarders. You may not bring extra batteries for it
  • Deck of cards. Maybe it’s not complete?
  • Pen, paper, notebook, diary
  • String
  • Sewing kit
  • Plastic bags with no print or logos
  • Face mask in whatever look you want
  • Two personal items that you think your character would have bent over backwards to bring with them
  • Offgame luggage with offgame stuff in it. This will be placed in a luggage room without access during the larp.
  • One larp friendly, padded “weapons” that fits an urban/post-apocalyptic setting, like a crow bar, lead pipe, brick, etc. You must wait till after your character is out and then ask us if you can bring it. If it suits your character, we may say yes, but we won’t allow too many of these
Do not bring
  • Firing weapons of any kind. Not even broken ones, plastic guns or toys
  • Larp weapons: knives, swords, shurikens, axes, spears and any kind of stabby, pointy things. Don’t ask, it’ll be a no
  • Batteries
  • Tools, including Leatherman knife / Swiss army knife
  • Cots, beds, furniture
  • Food, snacks (including nuts) except if you have dietary needs, health related needs or other nutrition related needs

Phew! Long list, and there’s probably more that should and will be on it. We hope, however, that it’s helpful and answers questions you may have had in the back of your mind