People have asked what they’re supposed to fill their days with. What do people in the Collective do?

Well, they do what most people do. They do chores, talk with friends, argue with enemies, fight, make love, play games, grieve, laugh, build, sleep and worship. Some work out, some put their thoughts down on paper, some slug it out in a “fight club”. Maybe you gather to read to each other, maybe you take care to make your surroundings feel homey or maybe you make sure to teach someone else something you know, to pass on knowledge. You do what you have to to survive and stay sane. We don’t need to tell you what to fill your time with, you’re the experts on your characters.

However, be aware that Re:Boot is not a fast paced larp. These 50 souls are starved and exhausted and we are not setting the participants up to run head over heels from task to task between morning and evening, nor are we planning any big, all-consuming events, as mentioned several times before.

We ask you to pace yourselves. Take your time. Spend time talking to other characters, build a nest, make a little home in the dirt. Consider what your character has gone through and figure out who your character has become vs. who they used to be. Where do they go from here?

The relations play is very important in this larp and is probably what should take up the most of your time, but there are certainly chores that needs to be done also. Water must be purified, things and people must be washed, you have to sort out food – who cooks what, how much and when. Clothes must be mended, wounds must be treated and things might need to be fixed or built. You’re free to make your own projects from whatever materials you can find.

Don’t do it all at once. If you rush, all you’ll end up with is ruining things for yourself and other people. Remember that this is the first time in a while where your characters have a moment of rest and reasonable safety. Figuring out things will take time.