What about safety?

What about safety?

We’ve seen and received some questions about the site and player safety, and we wanted to talk a little about that in this post.

Certainly, Re:Boot is a larp where players will likely experience fatigue, cold and hunger, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be abandoned and neglected. We have tried to be very clear about what to expect from this larp and what to be aware of, but we want to reassure players about a few questions that people have raised.

Are there toilets at the site? The facility is old and empty, even dilapidated in some areas, but not unsafe, and yes, there are toilets. Even if there weren’t, we would ensure that there would be safe and hygienic facilities at the site. We’ll all ignore the toilet paper and the soap at the sink, and pretend it’s not there :).

What about water? There is water aplenty, and no one will go thirsty. However, within the fiction, we want running water to be undrinkable to the characters until they have filtered and cleaned it. This means that while you, the players, have access to as much water as you need, your characters do not, and will have to solve some problems to ensure clean drinking water. We will explain this in further detail at a later time.

When it comes to player safety and sanity, there will be an offgame room available if you need some time away from other players, either to rest up or just get a break. It is not intended to be a room for sleeping through the night, but there will be a bed or a mattress where players may rest for a little while and some emergency food if your fuel tank is empty. We’ll keep this room warm.

There will be a first aid kit on location. Small accidents could happen and scraps and nicks can be easily mended. However, should someone get more seriously hurt or if an acute medical problem happens during the larp, the emergency room in Sandnes is only 15 minutes away by car, and the hospital is 25 minutes away. A fully charged phone will always be available, and the organizers have cars at the location, should there be a need to transport a player somewhere.