Re:Boot and weapons

Re:Boot and weapons

In the fiction of the larp, the need to defend against those who would take what you have has increased since the collapse. Some choose flight over fight, and some decide to make a stand. Weapons are powerful and increase the sense of security.

However, you may not bring a gun or any other firing weapon of any kind. This includes airsoft weapons, starter guns, deactivated weapons or even ring cap toy guns. The larp is played indoors and we do not want any chance of anyone firing off a shot and damaging the hearing of everyone else. Nor do we want the imbalance a gun makes, or a focus on weapons and the kind of roleplay that might come from that. 

The ingame explanation, if you need one, is that the State was a very strictly controlled place where only a select few were trusted with firearms that could give the wrong people any advantage. 

There are a few of the characters who could believably have some sort of firing weapon, but the group was very recently raided and most resources have been lost. Bullets are even more scarce than weapons, and the people who have both are usually part of the scary and ruthless gangs out there.

If you strongly feel your character must have a weapon of sorts, they might have made a crude and improvised weapon on the way, or maybe found something. In this case, “weapons” could be things like a crow bar, bat, lead pipe or other apocalyptic melee weapons. If your character would have something like this, it would have to be a larp friendly padded weapon

Most of the characters are not fighters, and have to solve conflicts through other means than beating, stabbing, shooting or slicing someone up. Please also remember that you have to carry everything you own, so it’s out of the question to bring 2×4’s or any other big, lumpy and very heavy things.

We don’t want an influx of even makeshift weapons, and will strictly control how many are present at the larp, so keep this in mind before you ask if you could bring this or that.