About the characters

About the characters

We have chosen to make pre-written characters for Re:Boot, but participants may add to it themselves. We encourage you to expand the character if you want, and you may also change things as long as you keep the core of the character intact. The characters generally consist of the following:

Name. You’re given the character’s last name and first name initial. You choose the first name/nick name yourself. The character’s gender is unspecified, as it is irrelevant to the game. You decide your character’s gender identity.

AGE. It’s not important whether a character is 31 or 39 years old, so you’ll get an age group such as “in your 30s” or “between 30 and 40”. Character age is, in most cases, not relevant, but reflects a diversity among the survivors, as well as outlook on life.

ADDITIONAL INFO. In most cases, characters will say what job they had before the collapse, and in some characters also what family they had/have if this is important.

Short backstory. Here, key events in your character’s life is mentioned briefly. We encourage players to further develop their background.

Description. Key aspects of your character’s personality. Who they were, who they have become, what they’re struggling with and such. We encourage you to expand on this part as much as you want, and you may change things in the character as long as you keep the core intact.

Relations. Here you’ll find some premade relations of different types. We have made a conscious choice not to make any relations of a sexual nature, as we believe that those kinds of relations are better created by participants in dialog. We strongly encourage you to co-create more relations with players before Re:Boot starts, as few or as many, and of whatever type you want.

Required relations. We will list character names that we require you to develop a relation of any type with from scratch. These names are randomized, and we have chosen to take this approach to ensure that all participants have a variety of relations.

Contact details. If you have any questions about your character, you’ll find the name and contact details of the responsible writer at the bottom of your character brief.