Is this larp for me?

The larp is set in a post-collapse setting in the remains of a fictive totalitarian state. It’s modern day and relative realism, not Mad Max, aliens or highly futuristic sci-fi elements. There are no common, big plots to solve or final enemy to beat. This game is not about finding a cure.

Participants will portray a group of survivors, arriving at a place where they must secure food, water, resources and safety. The characters are together out of necessity, and although they all want the same thing (survival, safety, community), they are a diverse group with different backgrounds, motivations and agendas.

They struggle with the effects of the collective trauma of the last few years, and the battle between who they used to be and who they will become. Many of them have questions about change, power, human needs, faith and society.

Re:Boot might be a challenging larp for some. Themes and scenes can be mature and dark. It will be cold and dark, you will be hungry and you will be confined to stay inside most of the day.

There will be scarcity of food and resources and very few comforts. No comfortable beds, no immediate heating indoors, no available fridge, no meals that are prepared and served by the organizers, no private bedrooms and no showers.

This is not a larp for everyone. The organizers will not adapt the larp to those who feel it is not a match for them.


Re:Boot is intended to be played in a physical style, where participants simulate scenes and acts in a realistic fashion.

The following themes and situations may occur during play. You can of course opt out and not engage in a scene with these themes and any other, but one must expect to see other people engaging in them.

There will be signals/tools to show that participants do not want to escalate or that they want to leave the scene.

  • Alcohol, simulated and real
  • Confinement
  • Deteriorating mental health and mental illness
  • Aggression and violence (e.g. shouting, pushing, slap in the face)
  • Physical play, including simulated violence and simulated sex
  • Nudity, full or partial
  • Illness and death, loss of loved ones
  • Bullying and teasing
  • Religion, spiritualism and acts of faith

You can not opt out of the following: 

  • Sleep in somewhat miserable (though possibly upgradable) conditions along with other participants
  • Help with gathering resources, clearing debris, construction, cooking

In the game of life, survival is only part of the battle.

Gad Saad

What can you expect?

Participants can expect written characters with some pre-made relations, and may add to the character as well as create additional relations.

The organizers will provide information about the setting of the larp and practical matters in a timely manner, and strive to communicate clearly with all participants.

Transport by bus from Stavanger and Sandnes to the site, with return after the larp is over is included in the ticket price.

We will provide simple, basic food items, but you have to prepare meals yourself with primitive tools. There will not be much, and what there is must be rationed. You will likely feel hungry but you won’t starve to death. Participants must manage their food intolerances themselves.

What do we expect?

We require that participants read the information they receive. We also expect you communicate with each other prior to the larp.

Participants must approach us if they have questions. We promise to help, give answers or offer suggestions, but we can only do so if you ask for it.

You must get your own costume. We encourage you to aim for modern day clothes, but wear, tear and mend it as it would be after a few years of rough use.

We expect that participants share responsibilities during the larp and attempt to balance the work load between all.


July 17
Registration opens

Registration will remain open for 4 weeks, until August 14. The order in which people sign up does not matter for selection.

July 17
August 22
Selection is done

A week after the end of the open registration ends, selection will be completed and you will know if you have a spot on this date at the latest.

August 22
September 7
Payment due

Once you have confirmation that you have a spot for the larp, you have until this deadline to pay for it.

September 7
October 12
Characters go out

The finished characters will be sent no later than this date. You will receive a short character description along with your premade relations before this.

October 12
November 19
Re:Boot starts

Participant bus will ensure passengers get to the site on time. Those who use their own means of transportation must also arrive by the deadline. We will do some workshops and briefings before we start.

November 19
November 21
Re:Boot ends

Once the larp has finished, you’re invited to stay for an onsite afterparty. You may stay the night or leave when you want. The participant bus will leave on Saturday. Public transport to and from the site is available every day.

November 21