Frequently asked questions

We’ll try to collect the most common questions we get asked here.

What about covid-19?
Like everyone else, we’re painfully aware of the effects the corona virus has had world wide since 2020, how serious the situation has been, still is in some parts of the world and can be again. We had to cancel Re:Boot twice in 2020 and 2021, but successfully ran the larp in October 2021, so we have felt the pressure and the despair of having to let go of an event due to uncontrollable but valid reasons.

Rest assured, we’re not taking the pandemic lightly even if there are no national restrictions at all. With the current situation, we feel entirely confident that Re:Boot will run as normal in fall 2022. We continue to monitor the safety guidelines from the NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health/FHI).

What about international participants?
Re:Boot gladly accepts international participants travelling to Norway. As of writing this (May 2022), there are no travel-restrictions to Norway because of covid-19.

I still want to use personal protection equipment. Can I do that at this larp?
Absolutely. Diegetic use of personal protective equipment is supported in the fiction.