Frequently asked questions

We’ll try to collect the most common questions we get asked here.

A larp in 2021, the time of covid-19?
Like everyone else, we’re painfully aware of the effects the corona virus has had world wide, how serious the situation has been, still is and can be again. We had to cancel Re:Boot in November of 2020 and again in April of 2021, so we have felt the pressure and the despair of having to let go of an event due to uncontrollable but strong reasons.

Rest assured, we’re not taking the pandemic lightly. However, with the opening of organized events in Norway and the current situation with vaccine and travel passes, we feel confident that a larp such as Re:Boot is possible in October. We continue to monitor the safety guidelines from the government and the NIPH (Norwegian Institute of Public Health/FHI), and will take necessary measures before and during the larp according to their guidelines and the government regulations.

What about international participants?
Re:Boot gladly accepts international participants travelling to Norway. However, you must be aware of the entry regulations of Norway. As of writing this (July 2021), fully vaccinated persons and persons who have had COVID-19 during the past six months are exempt from entry quarantine. Currently, only presentation of a COVID-19 certificate (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or EU digital COVID certificate) with a QR code which can be verified by the Norwegian authorities is considered to be a secure and verifiable way of proving vaccination or previous illness. Also, travellers arriving from EEA/Schengen/United Kingdom green zones shown on the map below are exempt from quarantine. It is important that participants from outside Norway familiarise themselves with the rules that apply before they fill out the sign-up form.  Here is a map of what countries/areas are exempt from quarantine from the NIPH website, as well as further details on the current criteria and advice. This map is updated regularly.

Will there be another run of Re:Boot?
The short answer; we hope so. The longer answer is that we aim for several runs, though we cannot say for sure until after the first run is over. The harsh truth is that if we can’t do one run of the larp, we can’t do more, so let’s aim for the first one and tackle the possibility of more runs later.

I want to use personal protection equipment. Can I do that at this larp?
Absolutely. Diegetic use of personal protective equipment is supported in the fiction.

Handwash, sanitizer and masks. Will you provide what’s necessary?
We will have soap and water available. Sanitizer too. We encourage all players to bring a small bottle of personal sanitizer gel as well. We have not planned for supplying masks, but as mentioned, you can definitely have masks, bandanas, scarves and the like as part of your costume if you wish.