The old Dale Psychiatric Hospital, near Stavanger Norway, about 20 km from Sola Airport Stavanger.

Dale Hospital dates back to 1911, and was in use up until 2004. We will use a small and confined portion of the otherwise large facilities. Some history about the hospital can be found here (in Norwegian only).


Thursday, November 19th to Saturday November 21st. You must be onsite no later than the announced time (we assume around 16:00-17:00).

The larp ends on Saturday evening. Participants may leave then, or stay behind for an onsite afterparty.

Ticket price

  • Subsidized: 1000 NOK (limitied amount, depends on how many Supporter tickets are bought)
  • Standard: 1500 NOK
  • Supporter: 2000 NOK

Sign up

This larp has an 18 year age limit. There is no upper age limit.

A link will be posted here when registration opens.


Sign up opens July 17 2020 and will be open until August 14. The order in which people sign up is irrelevant to selection, so there is no need to rush as long as you register before the deadline. Re:Boot needs a minimum of 40 participants. We will review each registration and select participants for the larp based on the criteria listed below. Once we have finished selection, everyone who registered will get a mail stating whether or not they got a spot.


Once you have a confirmed spot in the larp, you have to pay to secure it. The deadline is September 7 2020. If you do not pay on time you will lose your spot. In the case of cancellations or participants failing to pay the larp fee on time, we’ll start contacting people on the waiting list. 

There is no right of redrawal compensation (angrerett) for tickets to cultural events such as larps in Norway. Should you change your mind after the purchase is complete, you would generally not get a refund. However, we will grant a 14 day period after payment has been made in which we will give a full refund should you want. After this period, the only time we will offer a refund is if another participant claims the spot and pays in full. If Re:Boot is canceled due to unforeseen events, we will issue refunds.


We strive to have balance among participants, and will make selections based on the following criteria:

  • Gender balance. We aim for a balanced representation of various gender identities.
  • Diversity. We wish to make a larp that’s friendly to participants of a variety of backgrounds and abilities.
  • Geography. Participant selection should reflect a broad geographical spread. We want both local, domestic and international participants.
  • Experience. We want to welcome both new and experienced participants to the larp. Therefore, 10% of the available spots will initially be reserved for first time larpers. Participants who recruit a first time player are eligible for a small discount on the ticket price. Conditions will apply.

What to bring

Sleeping bag (a must!), sleeping mattress (if you want), toiletries and medication in discreet packaging, ear plugs, small bottle of hand sanitizer, a personal drinking vessel (cup, bottle etc.), personal cutlery (fork/spoon), costume, personal effects for your character. Further details will be posted at a later time.


Norway in November is cold. Even more so, the site is not heated when the larp starts, although some methods of heating will get available during play. Pack warm clothes. Wool is great! There will be an offgame room available for participants who just need a little break away from other people.


We will be using upper floors in an old building, and although there is an elevator, it is in disorder and can’t be used. For this reason, the larp is inaccessible for wheelchair users. If you have an impairment and have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The ticket includes transport on a participant bus that we will organize. It will leave from Stavanger and from Sandnes, and return with passengers after the larp is over. There is also public transport to and from the site. More details will follow.


The characters are written with a scheme and matrix in mind to ensure balance and diversity in a group of people who have come together out of necessity and not because they naturally belong together.

The characters will have a simple background, character description, motivations/ideology and personality traits. The players are encouraged to expand the background and further build on their character as they wish. As long as main elements of the character are not dismissed, participants may make changes to their character.

Each character will be giventworelations. In addition, you must create a relation type of your choosing for another two defined characters. Outside of these defined relationships, participants are free to create additional relations with any other player.